Limited Editions of Ferrari Models

Ferrari is a Motorsports company based in Maranello. With its Italian origin, Ferrari car manufacturing company was established by ENZO FERRARI in 1939. Ferrari was listed as world’s most powerful sports car brand in 2014 by Brand Finance. Its Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Most expensive car ever sold by Ferrari was 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO for $38.1 Millions in May 2012. Afterwards they have introduced several limited edition cars of different Ferrari models.

The shares of Ferrari have been divided into three major parties. Exor N.V. owns about 22.91% of Ferrari shares, where as Piero Ferrari has only 10.00% shares. The rest of 69.09% of shares are owned by general public. Ferrari was officially recognized in 1947, when the first Ferrari-badge car was completed. Ferrari is mostly noted for its participation in racing. The most successful racing team of Ferrari is team Formula One. Ferrari has produced the highest number of winning drivers and have won 16 constructor championships. The notable features in Ferrari cars is luxury, speed and brand power.

At the beginning the owner of Ferrari: Enzo Ferrari was not interested in producing road cars for general public use. But he changed his mind afterwards and introduced Scuderia Ferrari. The literal meaning of Scuderia Ferrari is “Ferrari stable” and is mostly used to represent Team Ferrari. Among Ferrari models the first one was 125 S powering 1.5 Liters V12 Engine. The engine of first Ferrari was capable of producing 118 bhp with a RPM of 6800.

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5 limited edition of Ferrari models

1- Ferrari La Ferrari

The limited edition Ferrari Laferrari is a hybrid sports car built by the most luxury sports car manufacturer.  LaFerrari is an Italian word meaning “The Ferrari”. This Ferrari model is the most valuable sports car of 21st century auctioned for about $7 Million. Laferrari comes in two models:

  1. Coupe
  2. Aperta

Only 500 cars of LaFerrari Coupe were produced. The Coupe was made during (2013-2015) with each costing around $1 Million. Initially 499 cars were made but later on the 1 more Laferrari Coupe was made specially to be auctioned, rounding the figure to 500. The first LaFerrari Coupe was unveiled at Geneva Auto show in 2013. The top speed of Laferrari Coupe is 349 km/h (217 mph) and weighs round about 1255 kg’s.

Ferrari Laferrari Coupe hybrid Ferrari models

Ferrari Laferrari Coupe

Among Ferrari models, LaFerrari Aperta is a limited edition car with total 210 units ever made. From 210 units only 200 units were made to be sold rest of 10 units were distributed among selected people on the occasion of 70th anniversary of celebration of Ferrari. The limited edition LaFerrari comes with a removable soft top and fully carbon-fiber hard top which is also removable. The price tag of each Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is about $6 Million. It has top speed of 349 km/h (217 mph).

LaFerrari Aperta black a limited edition of Ferrari models

LaFerrari Aperta Black

2- ENZO Ferrari

The ENZO Ferrari is named after the founder of the company MR. Enzo Ferrari. The production of Enzo Ferrari took place between 2002-2004. Enzo Ferrari uses Formula One technology and has full carbon-fiber body. The limited edition Enzo uses V12 engine based on Maserati quattroporte designed V8 engine. The top speed of limited edition Enzo Ferrari model is 300 km/h (186 mph). Only 399 units of this model were produce.

Enzo Ferrari Car Model from limited editions of Ferrari models

Enzo Ferrari Car Model in Yellow

The Enzo was inaugurated at Paris Motor Show 2002 with a price of US$ 659330. Later on, the increasing demand of under discussion Ferrari model, 50 more Enzo Ferrari’s were supplied to the market. The Ferrari that was unveiled on the Paris Auto Show 2002 was later flown to USA from Italy to be used in the Hollywood Film “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”. Hollywood actress Demi Moore drove the Enzo Ferrari on the beach for the film.

The Enzo Ferrari weighs about 1480 Kg’s. The length of Enzo is about 4702mm and has width of about 2035mm. The body style of Ferrari is 2-door berlinetta.

3- Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50 is one of the best Ferrari models ever produced by the Italian Motor Sport Company. The Ferrari F50’s were produced between 1995-1997 and only 349 units were made. The F50 uses 60-valve V12 engine which was developed from the 1990’s Ferrari 641 Formula One car. The last F50 was produce on July 1997 in Marnello, Italy.

Ferrari F50 Red

Ferrari F50 Red

The inspiration behind the production of model F50 was Ferrari 641 that was driven by Alain Prost. The 60-valve V12 engine produces maximum power of 513 hp at 8000 rpm. The top speed of the F50 is 312 Km/h (194 mph) but has been claimed 325 Km/h (202 mph) by Ferrari. The weight of this model is about 1020 Kg’s. The fuel tank of the limited edition Ferrari F50 is 27.70 US gal equal to 105 liters. Height of the car is 1120 mm where as length is 4496 mm and width is 1986 mm. The Ferrari F50 GT that was built to compete in GT2-class racing was the prototype of the F50.

4- Ferrari 288 GTO

The Group B racing series of Ferrari models include 288 GTO also referred as Ferrari GTO’s were produced during 1984-1987.  The GTO was initially designed for racing purposes but after the death of Henri Toivonen and his co-driver Sergio Cresto in the 1986 at Tour de Corse it was disestablished by FIA as the racing car. The remaining 272 units of the 288 GTO remained as purely road cars. 288 GTO was designed by Leonardo Firoavanti. Main focus of styling  features were derived from Ferrari 308 GTB. This car uses 2.8 liters V8 engine with twin IHI turbo-charges.


Ferrari 288 GTO has top speed of 304 Km/h (189 mph) making it the first ever legal production street car to reach high speed of 300 Km/h (186 mph). Company claims that the 288 GTO reaches 0-201 Km/h (0-125 mph) in 15 seconds on a flat surface. The owner of Ferrari MR. Enzo Ferrari offered several Formula One Drivers the Ferrari GTO. Michele Alboreto, Keke Rosberg and Niki Lauda were the Formula One Drivers who were gifted the Ferrari GTO’s out of 272 unit made by Enzo Ferrari himself.

5- Ferrari F40

The Ferrari F40 is the last Ferrari model personally approved by MR. Enzo Ferrari. It was designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari Auto-mobiles. At that time it was the most expensive car for sale also most powerful and the fastest car ever made by Ferrari. Only 400 units were planned to be made but due to increasing demand the supply of F40’s reached a total of 1311 units. The retail price of F40 suggest by the company was $400,000 which are worth $840,000 today. Some buyers have reportedly paid $3.4 Millions. The Formula One racer Nigel Mansell sold his Ferrari F40 for the record price of £1 Million in 1990 and this record was held until 2010.

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 has the highest speed of 324 Km/h (201 mph). The limited edition of Ferrari Model F40 uses twin turbo-charged 2.9 liters engine producing the maximum power of 478 hp. Carbon fiber is installed in the featuring panel of the car. F40 reaches 0-100 Km/h in 4.1 seconds and weighs 1100 Kg’s.


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