10 Interesting Facts About Earth Rarely Known

Remains of recorded human history dates back to 30th century BC. Since then we have been curious about our planet Earth. Questions of its development and composition keeps bothering us. Earth’s structure is changing continuously due to natural and sometimes man made causes. Researchers try to keep record of such modifications. After careful consideration, we have devised a list of interesting facts about Earth.


Facts of Earth

The approximate vertical distance (diameter) of Earth is 12,742 kilometers. This is calculated with reference to spherical projection. This distance is covered in 42 minutes through free fall. Following fact is provided by Scientific American 

information on planet earth and Interesting facts about earth

Diameter of Earth


Travel speed of light

Though our planet is not the farthest from sun but still its at a distance of 92.96 million miles. whereas the travel speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. After making calculation Universe Today has derived following fact.

facts of earth and Interesting facts about earth

Speed of Light


Information on planet Earth’s Core

The inner most part of earth is a solid round ball which is composed of Nickel & Iron (Ferrum) alloy.  The solid round core is the second smallest layer and is approximately 1220 – 1250 km thick. Its average temperature remains between 5000 – 6000 C. Following fact about the earth is provided by Universe Today

facts about the earth and Interesting facts about earth

How Hot is the Core of the Earth?


Sad things about Earth

Unfortunately we are losing it. The wildlife is an integral part of our Eco system but we are becoming enemy of our own fate. In 2012, world generated 2.6 trillion pounds of waste. This garbage eventually results in polluting seas, forests and global warming. This pollution is diminishing resources for wildlife. Following fact is provided by World Wild Life (WWF)

Earth facts about planet and Interesting facts about earth

Diminishing Wild Life 🙁


Interesting Revelation

Well, we all keep on trying to make a change in the world. Following is Russia’s contribution to interesting facts about Earth. This fact has been provided by ZME Science

Things about earth and Interesting facts about earth

Deepest Artificial Hole on Earth


Objects orbiting planet Earth

Planet Earth is surrounded by many man made objects. Most of these include satellites and remains of space missions. International Space Station has played its part in gathering this valuable fact. Credit of this piece of information goes to Urthe Cast.

6 Statistics on Earth and Interesting Facts About Earth

Whats Orbiting Around Earth?


Gold on Earth

Seems like we are digging the wrong rock. The Discover magazine revealed this valuable piece of information. Speaking in statistical figures, around 99% of the world gold is hidden beneath the Earth layers.

7 Latest Earth Fact Interesting Facts About Earth

How much Gold does Earth Has?


Amazon is the King

Among our list of interesting facts about earth, following is the most Eco friendly. Thank you World Wild Life for letting us know!

See also the different ways of Understanding The World Map.

8 Amazon forest Interesting Facts About Earth

Amazon Forest Fact


Fish on Planet

Some facts are very hard to digest. Following interesting fact force us to think about the existence of other species. Thank You thought co for this piece of information.

9 Fish fossils facts and Interesting Facts About Earth

Evolution of Fish


We are on the Right Planet

The main reason of this change in weight is the Gravity. Sun has way more gravitational force than earth. Reference to this fact is Bob the Alien’s

10 Earth sun comparison and Interesting Facts About Earth

Comparison of Weight


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