How to Use Google Traffic Maps?

Google maps, a C++ program initially developed by Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen. Later it was taken by Google and transformed into a web application. This application provides various facilities to make travelling the easiest possible. Google traffic maps are continuously updated to incorporate changes in road structures worldwide.
It’s a satellite program which gives you the information track of destination, current road traffic updates, and basic information about the road conditions, estimated arrival time, satellite 360 degree views of map and a lot more.
This amazingly helpful application can be downloaded on phones or any sort of computer device.

How to use Google Traffic Maps

To use this application on laptop / desktop computer, visit . For phone get it downloaded from any application store e.g. play store. In most of the androids this application is already present.
Now that the application is there in your device and you want to go from location A to location B. open the application and a map will appear on your screen. If you have turned on the GPRS in your device, then Google map will itself detect your location and that will appear on the bar above. Then to find out an address, type the exact address or any close landmark or any such detail related to it and press the Enter or click on the magnifying glass icon on the side.

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Features of Google Traffic Maps

At times one wants to take choices upon deciding the destination. When you are not sure about it exactly where you want to go, type the desired option and the city name, say like you want options for restaurants, parks etc.
This application gives you the zoom in and zoom out option for the clear result’s view. If your search will consist of a single result, then the map will itself drag on the side and a dot will appear which will be your point, if the search will result in multiple options then several dots will appear and you can zoom in and out to check them. If you are using it on phone then make a pinch position using two fingers, and move them apart to zoom out and inverse for zooming in. For computers, use the buttons + on side for zooming out and – for zooming in.

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Once you have found your destination, for users of computer, through the information panel on side, click on the Directions option and click to continue. For mobile users click on the car icon that appears on the bottom right.

Multiple Routes Option on Google Maps

Google traffic maps facilitate you by providing multiple routes for your destination from your starting point. You have the option to choose the best suited route, Google map also provides the estimate time you will require to reach the destination and the basic details about that route.
Next thing ahead is getting directions for the selected route. Again it’s different for Browser and mobile users. For browser you will have to click “Details”. Multiple items will appear for you, click on each to get required details and get it printed.

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Routes suggestions by Google traffic maps

For mobile users, right before starting your journey press the “Start navigation” option and leave the rest to Google. It will guide you throughout for which turn to take next in what time and distance it has to be taken.
Modes of Transportation
Google traffic maps provide directions for varied modes of transportation too. By default it provides directions for the car traffic but if you are using any other mean of transportation then there are icons available on the top; you can click on the one using and get directions suitable according to that. The various sources of transportation for which directions are provided are:

1- Car
2- Public transport
3- Walking
4- Bicycle
5- Plane

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When planning a holiday or small outing, it’s more convenient to know about the places like eateries, shopping malls and other such spots, while being at home, so that you won’t have to face any trouble being there. For this convenience in search bar type the required business name near your location, then click on the “Search Nearby” option.

On Road Traffic

The next helpful feature provided by Google traffic maps is the live traffic update. It gets very hectic and also time consuming when you get struck in the jams. Google keeps you updated about the current road traffic conditions and the jams around the area. By knowing this you can change the routes before time instead of getting stuck and finding no way back. To avail this just click on the “Traffic” option and details will appear.

Google maps live traffic preview

Then there’s a “Transit” feature which gives information about any train, public transport or streetcar transit lines on the route. In browser “Transit” option appears under the search bar. For mobiles, in the bottom left click and slide it on left, there will appear the “Transit” option.

transit system update on google traffic maps

Bicycle Routes on Google Maps

The bicycling feature available provides the locations for the bicycle’s tracks and lanes. The dark green lines shows trails, whereas light green indicates bike lanes, dotted lines indicate bike friendly roads, brown lines show uneven trails.
To use this feature on Browser, don’t select any destination and click on the bicycle icon below the search bar. For users of mobiles tap on the tab on bottom left and slide it towards the left, then click the bicycle icon.

Representative of Google maps collecting bicycle routes data

Representative of Google maps collecting bicycle routes data

Street view is the latest facility provided by the Google maps; this still needs much modification and is not available in countries of the entire world. All the Self Driving cars work on this Street view. Google images help you get the close images of your desired location. You can stroll around the view if walking around the street. To get benefited from this type the location’s name or address in the search bar. When the location you were looking for will be located a panel will appear, which will be very close to the location’s picture.


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