11 Glowing Skin Secrets: Your Guide to a Glowing and Clear Skin

Everyone wants a clear and glowing skin. One thing you notice instantly when you look at your favorite celebrity is how his/her skin glows. You hardly see any signs of aging and wrinkles on the skin. The celebrity secrets for glowing skin are sought ought everywhere. When you browse the internet, you will see several tips for glowing skin but these glowing skin secrets may or may not be effective. In this post, you will get access to 11 glowing skin secrets which are proven to be effective and will show results within weeks. These home remedies for glowing skin can be followed easily at home.

girl with glowing skin

Here are the 11 glowing skin secrets which will make your skin glow and become clearer.

Glowing Skin Secrets:

1. Eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits

cucumber and watermelon for skin

The first glowing skin secret is to have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. If you are indulging in your favorite snacks which are rich in fats and sugars, you are likely to make your skin dull. Instead, change your diet and include more fruits and green vegetables in it. If you find it difficult to consume too many vegetables, consider juicing them. Juicing is said to make the skin glow and is frequently used by celebrities and models. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, especially vitamin C, which is said to be a key factor in having radiant skin.

2. Antioxidants are your friends

Avocados - rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids

One great glowing skin secret is that there is a substance proven to make the skin glow. This substance is known as antioxidant. Antioxidants are frequently found in teas, avocados and omega 3 fatty acids. Antioxidants inhibit oxidation and remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents from the body. As a result, the skin becomes clearer and glows.

3. Exfoliate your skin regularly

Glowing skin secrets Exfoliate skin to get glow

One of the most important beauty tips for glowing skin is to exfoliate your skin regularly. Exfoliation helps to scrub off dead skin cells and allows your beauty products to penetrate the skin. If you don’t already exfoliate the skin, be sure to include it on a regular basis. For optimal results, it is best to exfoliate the skin at least once a week. 

4. Apply sunscreen whenever you step out

girl applying sunscreen on beach

A major glowing skin tip which many people overlook is to apply sunscreen whenever you step outdoors. The sun’s UV rays are extremely harmful and the leading cause of skin cancer. We see many people applying sunscreen when they are out at the beach but fail to do so in everyday life. Getting a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 will do wonders for your skin.

5. Moisturize your skin regularly

man applying moisturizer for glowing skin

After washing your face with face wash or soap, your skin is stripped of its natural oils. As a result, it becomes dry. A moisturizer is a great product to apply after washing face. It moisturizes your skin and combats the dryness effectively. A lot of men don’t moisturize, thinking of it to be only for ladies. This is wrong as men’s skin is more susceptible to dryness. Hence, application of a moisturizer regularly is a must if you want clear skin.

6. Have cold showers instead of warm ones

girl enjoying cold shower rather than warm shower

This is a great glowing skin secret. We know that long and warm baths are very comforting but excess of this will make your skin extremely dry and dehydrated. Therefore, a clear skin tip is to skip warm shower and replace it with short and cold showers. Cold showers of shorter duration may not sound all that appealing but it will really make your skin glow by not stripping it of essential oils. 


7. Reduce caffeine and switch to tea

reduce coffee consumption and shift to tea to get glowing skin

Waking up to a warm cup of coffee is very refreshing indeed but overdoing it may have adverse effects on your skin. Caffeine in moderation is good for skin but if you are having more than 2 cups of coffee daily, it is time to cut it down. Instead of coffee, you can switch to green tea or white tea. These teas have caffeine in much lesser quantity and are also rich in antioxidants, which is great for your skin. Green and white teas are a great substitute of coffee as they are proven to be great for having glowing and clear skin.

8. Reduce alcohol intake and eliminate smoking

stop drinking wine to get glowing skin

Alcohol is said to have an adverse effect on your skin. Most cocktails contain excessive sugar, which is not good for your skin. Red and white wine do contain antioxidants but these wines are proven to have negative effects on the skin. Alcohol has a direct impact on liver and it destroys cells responsible for detoxification.

stop smoking to get clear skin

Cigarette smoking is another no go area if you want a clear skin. Cigarette contains carbon monoxide which is detrimental to your health as it replaces the oxygen in your blood stream. Nicotine is also present in cigarettes. Nicotine is known to reduce the flow of blood. This results in you having a dull and dry skin.

9. Get 8 hours of sleep regularly

Get eight hours of beauty sleep to get glowing skin

You must have often heard models say that they need their “beauty sleep”. Well, this is true. Getting at least 6 hours of sleep a day is essential for your body. Aim for 8 hours a day regularly. This beauty sleep will revitalize your skin cells and make them glow. In order to sleep more and better, it is important to stop using electronics like mobiles and tablets 30 minutes before bedtime.

10. Exercise regularly

exercise regularly to get glowing skin

One of the most effective glowing skin secrets is to exercise. Doing regular exercise is not only good for your heart but it also helps your skin glow. This is because working out increases your blood circulation, which in turn gives you that glowing look you are striving for. Strength, cardio and yoga are all great choices to increase blood circulation in the body.

11. Keep yourself hydrated

drink water and stay hydrated for clear glowing skin

The importance of water cannot be stressed enough. Water is great for your skin as it washes your body of toxins, resulting in clear skin. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Drink even more on hotter days as your body loses fluids in sweat form. Eat more vegetables and fruits which are rich in water content like cucumber and watermelon.


These were the 11 glowing skin secrets used by models and celebrities all over the world. None of these glowing skin secrets are difficult to follow. You just have to make positive lifestyle changes and you will get a glowing and clear skin in no time. Share with me some more glowing skin secrets down in the comments below.


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