Why Compact Furniture is Once Again the Future

Rising real estate prices and shrinking apartment spaces gave birth to compact furniture designs. Small rooms in a house now require multipurpose furniture for small spaces which is elegant to look at and practical to use. Now a day’s furniture companies and individual designers are paying more attention to the designing part. They are trying to incorporate versatility, affordability and practicality into furniture.

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Modern day living lifestyle calls for following essential items as a part of furniture for small spaces: Bed Set, Mattress, Dresser, Mirror and Chest. This furniture has to be shaped in a way that its size can be molded as per requirements of the consumer. Large scale global furniture producers like IKEA is paying close attention to these rising consumer needs. Living room furniture being produced is designed in a way that user can self assemble it easily in required dimensions. This technique has also given boost to online furniture selling. Self assemble able furniture is small sized, light weight and easy to pack, all these attributes are in favor of online sellers.


multi functional compact furniture for small spaces

Modern Compact Furniture


An Important criterion while choosing furniture design for small spaces is the selection of colors. Remember, dark and heavy colors will create congestion in the room so the key to furniture for small spaces is light and soft colors.  Low tone colors will create breathing space and everything won’t seem stuffed one on to another in the room.


small space furniture with soft colors

Modern Interior Design for Small Spaces


A famous English proverb states “Necessity is the mother of invention”, more or less same is the case with furniture for small spaces. History of furniture dates back to Stone Age where old civilizations had the basic knowledge of creating objects for utility purposes in their daily lives. During the era of limited industrialization, people used to work with raw wood, stones, leather and animal bones to create furniture items. It’s not until 19th century that foundations for modern furniture have been laid. Due to rising prices of real estate people have shifted their focus towards small – medium sized homes. This phenomenon eventually leads to furniture for small rooms. Due to shrinking spaces number of items in a room has also reduced. Following are few pictures of small living room furniture for consideration:


compact furniture concepts for small living

Wall Shelf for Small Room Spaces

adjustable furniture for small living rooms

Considerations while shopping furniture for small spaces

Give priority to Skinny Furniture

Days of obese and weighty furniture are long gone. Even in contemporary furniture category, designers are shifting focus on thin lines and narrow slabs. Modern furniture producers have incorporated this attribute very efficiently. Their designs are more simple, based on straight lines, uses square, rectangular and triangular patterns and combination of soft and dark colors.  Skinny furniture has following alluring attributes associated to it:

  • Easy to handle
  • Less Costly
  • Produces less carbon footprints
  • Requires lesser space


Prefer multipurpose furniture

Due to cultural shift, trend of multipurpose furniture for small spaces is gaining momentum. This type of furniture helps to utilize space in most efficient manner. And instead of buying two different products when you buy one with multi functional capacity, it becomes cost effective as well.


Pros of multipurpose furniture

  • Due to lesser number of items in the room, the clutter is reduced significantly. It also helps to enhance the individuality of each object.
  • Headache of cleaning is reduced considerably
  • Workflow capacity is enhanced due to lesser to and fro movement


Cons of multipurpose furniture

  • usually in multipurpose furniture there are more joints and nails used which makes it vulnerable to lose quickly
  • limited choice of multi functional furniture is available in the market as of now


Ideas for multipurpose furniture for small spaces

Convertible Tables: that’s the most common item of multipurpose furniture being used. Table is a necessity in every home and holds great importance. Check following ideas for convertible tables


modern design small space convertible table

Multi Purpose Table

multi purpose tables for small home space interior


Convertible sofas for small spaces: Second common item in house furniture is the sofa. A wide range of variety of convertible sofas is available in the market. These sofas can be converted into beds and most of these come with storage space facility. We would highly recommend these convertible sofa bed sets as part of furniture for small spaces.


Convertible furniture bed cum sofa

Sofa Cum Bed Design for Small Spaces


Convertible furniture accessories: apart from specific furniture objects, plenty of accessories can also be used to utilize space efficiently. We have shortlisted a range of multi functional furniture accessories for small spaces.

convertible furniture designs and ideas for beginners

Multi Usage Furniture Design

furniture for small spaces ideas of furnishing for small space


Choose Vertical

While making decisions on furniture for small spaces, remember to use vertical dimensions. For instance if you are purchasing a bookcase shelf, buy one with more height instead of width. This concept is mostly ignored but holds great importance.


glow digest vertical furniture concept design


Try to accommodate the wall space as well. Wall shelves with storage space can help a lot in space management. These are now considered a mandatory element of furniture for small spaces. Also place some flower pots on these shelves to make the environment soft and comfy.


vertical wall decoration accessory

Wall Shelves for Compact Rooms

convertible furniture wall shelf


Consideration of materials for furniture design

Wood is the most commonly used raw material for furniture production around the globe. Main reason is the ability of wood to be molded in any shape. It’s also the most work friendly material and has lowest levels of effects on human health. Apart from wood following materials are being widely used in the construction of furniture these days:

Natural Wood

Natural wood is obtained from trees grown in natural habitat or at commercial farms. Its mostly used in Timbering, Cabinet work, Carpentry and Timbering. Natural wood is seasoned given artificial conditions to reduce the moisture level. most commonly used natural woods are Maple, Oak, Walnut, Birch and Poplar

Artificial Wood

Artificial wood is composed of wood powder which is glued and compressed into sheets. Normally these MDF sheets come in 4 ft X 8 ft. MDF is a cheap alternative to natural wood. Mostly its used for shelving and supporting layers. It extracts fumes of chemical while working which cause itching. So its advised to wear a mask while working with MDF sheets.


Its very rare that steel is used as a dominant material in furniture manufacturing. But its used as a supporting material. Mostly fittings made of steel are used to glue the furniture parts together.


Now a days use of plastic is rapidly increasing in furniture. The main reason is low cost of production and light weight. With plastic molding injection technique, furniture entirely made of plastic is also available in the market.

Apart from these core raw materials, assisting fitting materials hold great importance as well. This hardware comes in wide range and variety. While assessing quality of furniture hardware, remember these guidelines:

  • Prefer stainless steel or brass hardware, both these materials have high resistance towards rust
  • If the fitting hardware is made of iron, then it should be well chromed
  • Black screws with high penetration are used, mostly these are known as gypsum screws in the market
  • Look for hardware with less friction design


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