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We all love to smell good. A great way of doing so is by applying the right amount and type of fragrance. One common problem people face is that they are unable to decide which fragrance is right for them. Go in any shop and you will face a dilemma of choices. Nearly all major fashion brands have several perfumes in their collection. When faced with the idea of selecting one or two perfumes out of this vast collection, it can become really confusing for the buyer.

diptyque philosykos picking signature scent

A signature scent is one which you wear for special occasions. It is your go to scent. A signature scent will best define your personality and will give you confidence. A signature perfume is never easy to find and therefore, immense effort needs to be put in finding a fragrance that will best suit you.

7 Tips for Finding Your Signature Scent:

Finding that one signature scent that best suits you and your personality is no easy feat. The following 7 tips will help you in finding your signature perfume with ease:

1. Know the different notes

understand different notes top notes middle notes and base notes when picking signature scent

The first tip to consider when looking for a signature scent is to consider the notes of the fragrance. Most fragrances have three notes, namely the top note, middle note and base note. These three notes have different characteristics and the way they integrate with each other plays a key role in the overall performance and quality of a perfume.

The top note is the first thing you smell when you spray the perfume. These notes are usually citrusy or floral in nature. Most people buy the perfume based on these notes. This is wrong because top notes disappear in around 20 minutes. They are replaced by middle notes. Middle notes last for 4 to 6 hours and are the main essence of the scent. They are finally replaced by base notes, which last considerably longer but are usually skin scents. Therefore, when you try a perfume, do not judge it by its top notes. Wait for the middle and base notes to kick in, which will allow you to fully understand the fragrance.

2. Investigate and browse different scents

girl testing fragrances before selecting signature scent

There are many websites like Fragrantica or Basenotes which give readers detailed reviews of different fragrances. Many people just look at the perfumes liked by majority of the users and buy blindly. This is not a good idea because what might be good for someone else may not necessarily be good for you. Always try out different scents. If you are purchasing online, ask for samples. Different fragrances like woody, floral, citrus etc. react differently to every person’s skin. Hence, it is a good idea to test the fragrances first and see firsthand if you like them or not.

3. Explore different perfume concentrations

explore different perfume concentrations edt edp edc signature scent

Many popular perfumes come in different concentrations. You must have heard of EDP, EDT, EDC etc. All these depict perfume oil concentration. The most commonly used concentration is the Eau de Toilette (EDT). EDT is the perfect mix of longevity and sillage. Many people also opt for Eau de Parfum (EDP). EDP is much stronger than EDT and gives much better performance, though some people might find it overpowering. Eau de Cologne (EDC) is the perfume concentration where the perfume oil is used much less than EDT and EDP. Colognes are perfect for summer and spring as these are lighter on the nose. The amount of perfume oil in fragrances is what determines the concentration level. Higher the amount of perfume oil, stronger the concentration.

4. Consider the season and the time you will be applying your signature scent

consider season and time of day when wearing signature scent

There are some scents you can wear all year round while others cannot be worn all year round. This is because of the notes of the fragrance. Summer and spring scents are usually lighter in nature and not overpowering. Citrus and floral notes are usually good choices for such seasons. On the other hand, if you wear something heavy like oud or amber in summers, it will most likely give you a headache. Similarly, you should opt for woody and warmer scents in the months of fall and winter. These notes will give much needed warmth. Day scents are usually citrus and floral. At night, you can wear woody fragrances as well.

5. Spend time with your shortlisted perfumes

analyze perfume performance when picking signature scent

Once you have shortlisted a few fragrances worthy of being your signature scent, spend some time with them. Get samples and testers and analyze their performance. Ask your close friends what they think of the fragrance. Explore the different notes of each perfume. Doing all this will help you narrow down your search for a signature scent.

6. Give the cologne you didn’t like another chance

give cologne another chance

Many times it happens that you test a perfume, don’t like it and put it on the side. After some days when you try it again, you end up liking it. Therefore, it is important not to discard a perfume on first try. Always give it another go. Another reason for this is that your tastes and preferences keep on changing with time. Something you did not like earlier you may end up loving later.

7. Choose a signature scent which best highlights your personality

pick signature scent which best suits your personality

Finally, pick a signature scent which best suits your personality. It is always a good idea to listen to people and take their opinions on whether a scent smells good or not. But is also equally important that you like the scent yourself. It mustn’t be that you personally don’t like your perfume and are only getting it because other people like it. Always pick the signature scent which you yourself love.

Your signature scent must be something which shows off your personality. If you are an introvert, having a unique signature scent will help people notice you without you having to announce yourself in the room. Similarly, if you are an extrovert, wearing a bold scent may do wonders for you. At the end of the day, a signature scent should complement your personality and boost your confidence whenever you wear it.


These were the 7 tips for finding a great signature scent. What did you think of the tips? Are there any other tips you would like to give to the readers. Feel free to comment below.


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